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Whether you are investing in 2 - 4 units or large apartment complexes, Lion's Wing Capital has a loan for you. If you are looking to buy and rehab a 2 - 4 unit property or looking to rent it out and hold onto it, talk to one of our LO's so we can get you financed. The size of the complex does not matter to us because we are here to help you realize your goal. So go ahead and look into that 40, 75 or 225 unit apartment complex and give us a call to help you add that asset to your investment portfolio.
Typical Guidelines
Loan Amounts $75,000.00 - $50,000,000.00 depending on the lender and area
Property Type Multi-Family, 2 - 4 units, Apartment Complexes
Purpose Acquisition, Fix & Flip, Fix & Hold, Buy To Hold
Location Nationwide depending on lender's coverage areas
LTC (Purchase & Renovation) Up to 100% depending on the lender, typically 90%
LTV Up to 85% depending on the lender, typically 65% - 75%
Interest Rate 7.5% - 15% depending on lender & criteria
Term 6 months - 36 months depending on the lender, typically 1 - 2 years
Loan Origination Points .5 points - 6+ points depending on the lender and criteria
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Lion's Wing Capital is a broker of private money & hard money loans. We are your one stop place for private money or hard money loans to help you acquire the property quickly with a solid commitment to fund by our lenders.
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